Guitar Program

Offering the opportunity to work closely with some of the world's leading teachers
What we are offering

Guitar Program

The Vienna Summer Music Festival Guitar Program provides promising instrumentalists the opportunity to work closely with some of the world’s leading teachers, as well as offering performance opportunities in both solo and ensemble settings.

As a part of the Guitar Program, guitarist will study privately with leading Viennese musicians, attend lectures and masterclasses, and will participate in the guitar ensemble led by Gabriel Guillén, one of the best European guitar performers. Vienna Summer Music Festival Guitar Ensemble will perform a concert in Vienna’s beautifully historic central district.

Guitar students will attend a versatile set of activities, learning from internationally recognized performers and scholars.

Exceptional Education


Private lessons

Guitar students will enhance their instrumental skills under the guidance of staff members. Students will work on pieces that will be performed during the festival.


- Transcription

The art of transcription is directly associated to the guitar and its development. The lecture contains a perspective of the history of transcription for the guitar starting at the middle of the XIX century. Selected transcriptions are analysed in order to address specific problems, such as transposition, extended techniques, harmony, voice leading, idiomatic effects, etc. The “musical fidelity” is the main focus of any transcription, namely the realization of musical elements and aesthetic idea of the original work on its new instrument: the guitar. To achieve this is necessary to work on an idiomatic transcription, and the processes used are presented and discussed.


- Baroque ornamentation

A topic that involves not only historical knowledge, but also technical possibilities of the instrument—for example the duality of left hand slurs x right hand ornament realization. Students will learn about historically oriented performance and explore different technical skills to achieve a consistent ornamentation technique.


- Extended techniques

More than being a miniature orchestra, the guitar is a contemporary instrument in constant evolution. The large gamut of extended techniques are a fundamental skill for any guitarist, and knowing the repertory that uses these resources enables a performer to use them accordingly. Students will learn how the history of the instrument's technique and the modern/contemporary compositional novelties shaped the techniques used nowadays, therefore being prepared to perform contemporary adventurous pieces.


Guitar students are invited to participate in all the seminars offered for the instrumental programs.

Guitar Ensemble

Vienna Summer Music Festival Guitar Ensemble is formed by all guitar students and directed by Gabriel Guillén. The repertory will be eclectic, with pieces from the Baroque to the Contemporary periods.

The ensemble will perform two concerts, one in Vienna and one in Salzburg.


Select guitarists will participate in master classes with renowned artists. Master Classes will be conducted with visiting guest artists and are open to all festival participants to observe.

Master Classes

Select guitarists will participate in master classes with renowned artists. Master Classes will be conducted with visiting guest artists and are open to all festival participants to observe.

A Day in the Life

Instrumental Music Program Schedule


June 3rd  – Arrive in Vienna

June 4th – Orientation: Experience Vienna


Typical Daily Schedule

9:00 - 12:00 - Rehearsals/Masterclasses/Seminars

12:00pm - 1:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - 5:00 pm - Afternoon Session: Private lessons/Coaching

5:00pm - 6:30pm - Dinner

6:30pm - 10:00pm - Night Session: Rehearsals or free time


Performance Schedule

Participants of the Guitar Program will give concerts in Vienna, Salzburg, and Weyer.  A complete performance schedule will be announced on FaceBook prior to beginning of the festival. 



June 18th - Depart for US

What Do I Need?

Application Requirements

Applicants will provide their Name, Address, Phone number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Education, Current Applied Teacher, Previous Applied Teachers, Web Address, Resume, and Application Materials via the online form provided below.


All application materials must be submitted via a single link to an approved file sharing site such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud. For questions regarding submitting via file sharing visit the application section of the FAQ page.


Links to video/audio recordings should be submitting as PDF or Word Document files only, and should include the applicant’s first and last name, program of interest, and creation date of the materials. (Example: Emily Brown_Conducting Institutue_08/16.PDF)


All applicants should receive an initial response in 3-5 business days.


An application fee of $35 is required for submission.

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