Opera Institute

Intensive Vocal Training and Professional Performance Opportunities
What we are offering


The Vienna Summer Opera Institute offers burgeoning vocalists a program of intensive training designed to develop the breadth of skills expected in the professional world.


The Opera Institute gives singers the experience of performing professional-level opera on stage with a live orchestra. Participants work with renowned faculty, conductors, stage directors, coaches, and voice instructors from the world’s leading institutions, including the Wiener StaatsOper, Opera Orlando, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Staatsphilharmonie Halle, the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, and the Richard Wagner Conservatory.

Intensive Training


Vocalists will participate in an intensive curriculum of weekly voice lessons, vocal coachings, master classes, acting for singers, dramatic coaching, song repertory, lyric diction, auditioning and professional development workshops, culminating in mainstage performance opportunities.

Private Voice Lessons

Vocalists will receive four applied voice lessons with a private voice instructor from the Opera Institute faculty. Applied lessons will be individualized to the vocalist’s experience and will focus primarily on vocal technique and repertoire.

Vocal Coaching

Vocalists will receive four coachings with a vocal coach from the Opera Institute faculty. Coachings will be individualized to the vocalist’s personal experience and will focus on repertoire, diction, musicianship, and interpretation.

Master Classes

Vocalists will participate in regular master classes with renowned artists. Vocalists will have the opportunity to perform in a masterclass with an aria from their repertoire. These master classes will be geared towards crafting an audition ready performance.

Acting for Singers

Vocalists will participate in weekly acting seminars. These acting seminars will be three hour intensive sessions based on a system of exploration, and covering material such as monologues, improvisation, fundamentals of performance, exploration of characterization and motivation, movement, aspects of tone, and vocal production and flexibility for speech.

Song Repertory

Vocalists will attend one song repertory seminar focused on German romantic composers and taught by a member of the Vienna Summer Music Festival Faculty.

Professional Development Workshop

Vocalists will attend a professional development workshop titled “How to be an Opera-prenuer.” This workshop outlines the opera business as a whole, and discusses young artist programs, acquiring management, and developing publicity materials and web presence.


Performance Opportunities

Magic Flute:

The VSMF production of Magic Flute will be fully staged with Orchestra conducted by Christian Schulz. This show will be done in traditional German text with German Dialogue.


La Boheme & La Femme Boheme:

VSMF is producing two productions of La Boheme; a contemporary staging of La Boheme and a progressive production of La Femme Boheme. These productions will be fully staged with orchestra and will be directed by Vincent Connor.


Opera Studio:

A program offering daily vocal coachings or lessons and studying various full operatic roles.


Musical Theater Showcase:

The Vienna Summer Festival produces a Musical Theater Showcase. The showcase will be compiled of scenes from various musical theater genres catered towards classical voice. All scenes will be performed by Opera Institute vocalists and selectively cast based upon the interested applicant’s’ submitted audition materials and interviews.


A Day in the Life

Vienna Summer Music Festival Schedule


June 1st  – Arrive in Vienna

June 2nd – Orientation: Experience Vienna


Typical Daily Schedule

9:00am – 12:00pm – Core Curriculum / Workshops

12:00pm – 1:30pm – Lunch

1:30pm – 5:00pm – Afternoon Session: Private lessons/Coachings/Seminars/Master classes

5:00pm – 6:30pm – Dinner

6:30pm – 10:00pm – Night Session: Rehearsals


Weekend in Salzburg: June 9th – 11th


Performance Schedule

June 22nd, 23rd and 24th



June 25th  – Depart for US

What Do I Need?

Application Requirements

We will be encouraging that all Opera/Art song institute apply through YAP tracker.

Applicants for the Opera Institute are required to submit two contrasting operatic arias, one of which needs to be sung in French, Italian, or German.


Applicants will provide their Name, Address, Phone number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Education, Voice Type, Current Applied Teacher, Previous Voice Teachers, Web Address, Headshot, Resume, and Audition Materials via the online form provided below.


All application and audition materials including YouTube links, audio files, headshot, resume and must be submitted via a single link to an approved file sharing site such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud. For questions regarding submitting via file sharing visit the application section of the FAQ page.


Resumes may be submitted as PDF or Word Document files only, and should include the applicant’s first and last name and program of interest.


Video auditions need to be submitted as YouTube links, and audio auditions should be submitted as MP3 files, and should be included in the materials included in the single file sharing link. File names should include the applicant’s first and last name, program of interest, and the creation date of the recording. (Example: Emily Brown_Opera Institute_08/16.MP3)


All applicants will be contacted by The Vienna Summer Music Festival for a phone or video conference interview, and should receive an initial response in 3-5 business days.


An application fee of $35 is required for submission.




Scholarships are available, and will be awarded up to $1,500 to select applicants. For those applicants that are interested in applying for scholarship, a brief scholarship application essay of no more than 500 words answering the question, “What are your career goals, and how would a scholarship to the Vienna Summer Music Festival help you achieve those goals?”, a letter of recommendation, and a copy of the applicant’s unofficial transcripts (if applicable), should be sent in addition to application materials. The subject line should contain the applicant’s first and last name, program of interest, and the text “Scholarship Essay.”


Interested applicants will receive scholarship funds based upon their submitted audition materials and essay.


Scholarship Application Requirements:


1) 500 word Scholarship Essay answering, “What are your career goals, and how would a scholarship to the Vienna Summer Music Festival help you achieve those goals?”

2) A letter of scholarship recommendation (separate from general application letter of recommendation)

3) A copy of unofficial transcripts (If applicable)


All scholarship application materials should be emailed to info@viennasummermusic.com.


Letters of recommendation can be emailed by the recommender to info@viennasummermusic.com.

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