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The Vienna Summer Music Festival aims to provide its participants with the highest quality of instruction taught by renowned faculty from such institutions as the Vienna State Opera, Vienna Philharmonic, and Vienna Symphony. Festival participants will engage in performances, coachings, master classes, academic classes, and lessons. The Vienna Summer Music Festival is an experience that will expose participants to an entirely new level of professionalism, and will prepare students for a career in classical music.


The Vienna Summer Music Festival is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the musical culture and heritage of Vienna while honing your craft and furthering your classical music education! The Vienna Summer Music Festival offers music students from a variety of performance and academic backgrounds an exclusive experience in a breathtaking and historic setting.


Live in the cities that brought us the effervescent music of Mozart, and the transcendent works of Beethoven. Live where the legends lived, and learn from the best! Students at the Vienna Summer Music Festival will receive coachings, master classes, classroom instruction, and private lessons from leading professionals and members of the finest music institutions including the Vienna State Opera, Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Symphony, and the Richard Wagner Konsevatorium. To further supplement their education, students have the additional opportunity to engage in lectures from distinguished guest artists on a variety of engaging topics.


We all know how important it is to invest in our education as classical musicians. The Vienna Summer Musical Festival provides top notch training and education, and the once in a lifetime opportunity to come face to face with classical music’s inspiring heritage in one of Europe’s of the most culturally dazzling cities.


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