Diogo Carvalho

Diogo Carvalho, born in São Paulo, Brazil, began his musical studies at the age of four. He is a composer, scholar, performer, and professor with experience in electroacoustic, concert, popular, jazz, and Brazilian music. The musician will complete his PhD in music composition in 2019.

The artist started his studies in classical music at a local conservatory and, at sixteen, his career as a performer. Carvalho obtained, from the University of São Paulo, his Bachelor of Arts in Music (Classical Guitar) in 2007, and his Master of Arts in Music Creation Processes in 2011. In his master’s dissertation, Carvalho focused on compositional processes; comprising the transcription for the guitar of works by Debussy and Ravel, his study culminated in the CD "Impressionism – Acoustic Guitar Solo," praised as “highly recommended” by Classical Guitar Magazine.

Diogo Carvalho stands out with his ample knowledge and musicality. In "Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra" (2011), the composer explores Brazilian musical gestures in classical form. In the guitar+tape piece "Reveal" (2016), Carvalho merges live guitar sonorities with pre-recorded guitar sounds processed by the computer, in an organized sonic deconstruction of the instrument. "Collage" (2017), for String Quartet, was written after the composer’s own experimentations with form, using timbre and idiomaticity as musical subjects.

As a scholar Diogo Carvalho embraces the relationship between art and research. His studies on the compositional style of Debussy and Ravel were linked to his transcriptions of the pieces for solo guitar, which led to an informed performance. As a guitarist, Diogo Carvalho performs and records solo concerts and chamber music. His third CD, Calavento Duo for violin and guitar, contains original compositions and was released in Brazil, Russia, Germany, Austria, and Italy.