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Oliver Weber

Oliver Weber studied musicology at the University of Zurich as well as organ with Janine Lehmann and private composition lessons with Rudolf Kelterborn in Basel. Following his completion of this program, he began instrumental and electroacoustic composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna with Michael Jarrell, Dieter Kaufmann and Wolfgang Mitterer. Since 2004, Weber regularly performs as an interpreter of his own and electronic works as well as an improviser at home and abroad including: Wien Modern, SICMF South Korea, New Music Week Shanghai, Electronic Spring Vienna, Grabenfesttage Wien, Kulturfestival Origen, Ensemble Nikel, RSO Vienna, Ensemble Phace, and many others in Europe. Weber has been comminsioned by many prestiguos organizations including: Wien Modern, sirene Operntheater, progetto semiserio, Central European Chamber Orchestra MKO, Kulturfestival Origen, Duo Iridolon, Kammertonquartett, The Black Page Orchestra, Soyuz21, Lars Mlekusch, Valentin Johannes Gloor and others.

As a collaborative artist, he has work with the Aargau Kuratorium, Theodor Körner Prize, state scholarships for the composition of the Republic of Austria, several work grants from the BUKK Österreich and others. Participation in the International Young Composers Forum Brussels. 2013 Artist in Residence at the ICST in Zurich Oliver Weber lives and works professional as a composer, musician, and scholar in Vienna.

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