Instrumentalists for the Vienna Summer Music Festival Orchestra are encouraged to apply and will automatically receive a reduced tuition resulting in a program fee of €325.  Eligible participants will play in the orchestra for the operas we are producing.  Participants may perform in more than one opera.  Additionally, members of the orchestra will receive masterclasses on their primary instrument with members of the Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna Symphoniker.  Please see a complete list of our faculty below. Solo recitals with or without a pianist are optional.  Member may also form small chamber ensembles and perform as well.  


Matthias Schulz, Flute

Matthias Schulz, flute, was born in Vienna in 1972. He studied with his father, Wolfgang Schulz, at the Vienna... (Click here to learn more)

Harald Hoerth, Oboe

Within Austria, Hörth has taught at the International Orchestral Institute Attergau (a project of theVienna Philharmonic), as well as the iconic Salzburg Festival.

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Reinhard Wieser, Clarinet

Reinhard Wieser won the position of Principal Clarinet of the Vienna SymphonyOrchestra at the age of nineteen.

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Patrick De Ritis, Bassoon

Patrick de Ritis has been theprincipal solo-bassoonist of the Viennese Symphony orchestra since morethan two decades now.

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Gergely Sugar, French Horn

Hungarian born conductor and horn player of the Wiener Symphoniker Gergely Sugar received his principal education at the famous Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest

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Christian Loew

Trumpet performance studies at theVienna Conservatory and at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg (with Prof. Richard Schwameisand Univ.Prof. Karl Steininger).

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Hans Stroecker, Trombone

Membership in the Vienna State Opera Orchestra: 1984Membership in the Association of the Vienna Philharmonic: 1987Membership in the Hofmusikkapelle: 2012

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Igor Petrushevski, Violin

Igor Petrushevski is one of the most successful violin teachers in Europe. His students are winners of many international violin competitions including Tibor Varga, Tchaikovsky, Indianapolis, Long-Thibaud, Paganini, Lipizer, Tokyo, Wieniawski, Heifetz, Joachim, Sion, Britten, Canetti, Enescu, Valsesia, and Khachaturian

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Orsolya Korcsolan, Violin

Discovered and supported by the late Sir Georg Solti, the Juilliard Alumna won numerous awards in New York before settling in Vienna. As a chamber musician, Ms Korcsolan has performed with artists such as Grammy nominee

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Daniela Ivanova, Viola/Violin

Daniela Ivanova was born in Burgas (Bulgaria). During her education at the music high school “Pantscho Vladigerov”, which she concluded with the Matura in 1996, she studied viola with Marin Mantchorov and won numerous national competitions.

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Hans Peter Oschenhofer, Viola

1977 successful audition for the orchestra of the VIENNA STATE OPERA 1978 leader of the viola-section

He was also a member of the WIENER VIRTUOSEN1989-1999.

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Walther Schulz, Cello

"We found that they were an important part of the literature. ... They were the first piano trios to be written. Up till then, there was only the baroque trio sonata. We found it important that we start introducing the Haydn trios," he said

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Joachim Tinnefeld, Bass

Joachim Tinnefeld is a member of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Born in Munich, Germany, Joachim studied at the Berlin University of the Arts with Klaus Stoll (Principal Double Bass at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra)

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Hafez Babashi, Piano

Hafez Babashahi is one of the most versatile and renowned pianists of his generation. After receiving the Bösendorfer award in 2008, he performed in large European cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Budapest. In 2015

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Orchestra rehearsals take place in the famous Wiener Konzert Haus daily.  

10:00 - 1:00 Rehearsal Konzert Haus

2:00 - 5:00 Break/Masterclasses/Lessons

6:00 - 9:00 Evening Rehearsal

You will be called to rehearsal depending on which opera is being rehearsed. 

On days off, you may tour Vienna or attend one of the other activities which are happening within other programs in the Vienna Summer Music Festival.  Additionally, we will provide some cultural activities for you to see the city. 

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Application Requirements

In order to apply, please prepare a short video as part of the application.  You may provide a Google Drive link or another familiar software for us to download, or you may upload your video to YouTube and send us the link so our application committee can review it.  After we review your video, we will schedule a phone interview with you.  You will be assigned an opera to perform in.  You are welcome to share you preference of which opera you will perform in.

Chair auditions will take place in Vienna.



Festival housing is centrally located at the Student Hotel.  If you decide to use the festival housing, you will receive your own room/bathroom and have access to a kitchen.

You are welcome to arrange your own housing with AirBnb or another service. 

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